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Preparedness and Training --> Training

California’s Leader in Professional Emergency Management Training and Exercises
The California Specialized Training Institute was established in 1971. Over the last 34 years, CSTI has emerged as a leader in emergency management, terrorism/WMD, and hazardous materials training and exercises.
As the Training and Exercise Branch for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, CSTI:
  • Pioneered disaster management and emergency response training in California, which provided the early foundation for the State’s current Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).
  • Developed first-of-its-kind training, now in use throughout California, many parts of our nation, and at various international locations.
  • Designed a comprehensive training curriculum with nearly 100 current course titles in terrorism awareness, prevention, and response; law enforcement tactics and safety; emergency management; disaster planning, mitigation, response and recovery; crisis communications; and hazardous materials/WMD preparedness and response.
  • Employs nationally recognized adjunct instructors, guest speakers, subject matter experts, and curriculum designers to support the full-time faculty and staff in the development and delivery of vital life safety and emergency management training and exercises.
  • Convenes a curriculum advisory committee consisting of a wide spectrum of public and private representatives to regularly update its curriculum.
  • Trains between 7000 and 9000 emergency management and first responder professionals each year and an additional several thousand professionals through our outreach-training program.
  • Provides a statewide training forum and one of the largest professional networks for emergency managers and first responders in California.
  • Maintains a steadfast commitment to protect lives through innovative and practical hands-on training and exercises for field emergency response personnel.